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All our kittens are born and lovingly raised indoors. They leave us at least 13 weeks old, litter trained, vaccinated and wormed, with 4-generation pedigree certificate, They are GCCF register
Last updated On  10/12/2018
We have kittens available now!
They are ready to leave for their new
homes on the 25/01/2019!
Please enquire for more information.




All our kittens are born and lovingly raised indoors where they receive lots of attention and cuddles from the whole family, ensuring that they will have the wonderful laid back temperament that Ragdolls are famous for. They are used to all daily household noises and will be well socialised. They all are our babies and enjoy a cuddle or a spare lap whenever the fancy takes them.

Our kittens leave us at 13 weeks old, mature to leave their Mum, litter trained, vaccinated and wormed.

Our kittens are registered with the GCCF or TICA and go to their new homes with the following:

• Vaccination and with routine veterinary health check
• Four generation pedigree certificate
• GCCF or TICA transfer certificate 
• A New Owner Sheet giving instructions on how to care for them




As you near the time to collect your kitten she/he will need.
At least two feeding bowls. 
A water bowl or water fountain.
A large open litter tray and the litter your kitten is familiar with (wooden pellet litter tescos home brand). This can be changed over time should you have another litter preference but wait until your kitten has settled in before making changes. 
A bed.  'Snuggle Bed
A carrier to take him home in.
Grooming tools/brushes.
Dry Food; Royal Canin Mother and BabyCat dry food untill 4 months old, then change to Royal Canin Kitten food untill 1 year, then change to Royal Canin Ragdoll.  
A blanket. This is handy to have, either for grooming or for traveling. 
A large scratch post. 
Ping Pong balls.
Large litter tray 
Dangler Pole 
Scratching Barrell 
Cat Springs
Kitten Teddy's