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Care For Your Ragdoll

Care For Your Ragdoll


All our kittens are sold as indoor ONLY for their own safety so please be aware of open doors and windows.

Please do not change their food too much to start off with as this can lead to tummy upsets.

Please always make sure there is fresh water daily, never give cats milk they only need water.

Ragdolls need plenty to keep them busy and active and a good scratching post is wise.

Their litter tray should be kept as clean as you can check at least twice a day, the trays sould be washed regularly.

They do like a nice bed to sleep in and they love to play so watch your feet when you walk they run under your feet so quickly.

The kittens just want to be loved and cuddled when they want as they will be quite busy playing.

Please watch toilet seats DO not leave them up.

When you go to bed expect your kitten to join you if that’s what you want, they like playing with your feet in bed.

They will not take long to fit into your family routine if you work they will sleep most of the day as they are still growing and will need their sleep, so expect to be busy when you get home.

If you have any problems or worries please do phone us, we are always here to try and help in any way we can.

All we ask is that you send us a few photo's as we would love to see how our kittens are growing.

These kittens are given the very best of care and attention for the 13 weeks while we raise them and they are taught how to be friendly, lovable and naughty ragdoll cats by other ragdolls in our family.


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